We have a service that’s right for every learner because our sessions are individualized.¬†

Don’t see a service that matches what you’re looking for? Contact us today so we can create it!

Homeschool Teacher

Can Look Like
– Individuals or Groups
– A Specific Grade or Subject
– We Teach at Your Location
– We Teach YOU to be the Educator

Consists Of
– Coaching
– Collaborative Curriculum Design
– Open Communication and Documentation


Can Look Like
– Homework Help
– Occupational Therapy Goals
– Supporting a Gifted Subject
– Build Executive Functioning Skills

Consists Of
– Sessions at Your Location
– Minimum 1 hour Sessions
– Monthly Updates with Documentation

Homeschool Curriculum and Coaching

Can Look Like
– Unsure on Curriculum
– Unsure of State and Local Rules
– Ready to Homeschool but don’t want to Change Career or Lifestyle

Consists Of
– Coaching
– Collaborative Curriculum Design
– Community Building and Resource Sharing

Adult, Family Learners and Organizational Support

Can Look Like
– New/Returning College Students
– Family Group Sessions
РStaff Mentoring, Training, or Employed Programmer 

Consists Of
– Organizational Planning Support
– Time Management Skill Building
– Individualized Support for Goals and Maintenance of New Skills

Why Mrs. Sarah's Super Schoolers?

For 15 years we have connected with humans and helped guide them to their fullest potential.

What You Get

A full service, all subjects Private Teacher supporting the learner in the best ways they learn at every session we have!