Why Super Schoolers?

Our Mission

We support students to support families. Parents can focus energy on other parts of life when they trust their child’s education is being supported to their individual needs and skills.

Supported students make focused parents. Focused parents make stronger families. 

Stronger families make stronger communities. 

Let us help to strengthen your community today by starting with your family!

"Look what I can spell Mrs. Sarah!"

Extraordinary Experience

We have spent 15 years professionally with students in Public and Private School classrooms, Child Care Facilities, Events, and Virtual Education. 

The LLC is 4 years old with continued growth each year. We want to show you that Education can be a Joyful Experience!

Our Core Values

We trust the use of tools we know make student experiences the most successful:

The Super Schooler Pedagogical Approach

We believe that children learn many ways. A one size fits all approach is not appropriate. We use multiple theories about the education of children to guide our session planning. 

We see teachers as facilitators before being leaders. We believe an individuals input and the society in which they live influence how and what they want to learn. We see milestones as guidelines, not set rules, and they are adaptable to student’s needs. 

Self Chosen books on the topic of Homeschool Unit Study Chickens with Mrs. Sarah's Super Schoolers LLC that the student is raising at home. Using these books to guide creation of a larger pen area for the chickens.
Our approach combines Gardener, Montessori, Piaget, and Vygotsky * with Self Directed Education Principals and Alternative Education Ideas.

* Howard Gardner’s work focused on Multiple Intelligences and that each person has unique ways in which the best understand material.

*Maria Montessori pioneered learning through the child’s natural interests and allowing them to make choices and experiment.

*Piaget stated children’s ability to understand concepts are linked to the development of their brain and it’s capacity, or not, to understand.  

*Vygotsky focused on social aspects of learning and coined the term Scaffolding, setting up challenging but possible learning experiences.