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Some shots and words about the great individualized student successes we've had with our Alternative Schooling Families!

My son was [enrolling] in Kindergarten - I feared for his ability to learn appropriately with a mask mandate in place. How can you learn to annunciate words when you can’t see your teachers lips? I decided to go the route of having Sarah come to us and teach the K curriculum and wait out the following years decision about masks. I couldn’t have been more thrilled with my choice. The one on one time with an instructor was great for him. He learned so quickly. Her methods were unconventional (much like us) and they worked great for him. Our homeschool portfolio check ins went great with all of the work provided and he breezed through the whole school year.

He enjoyed the time with her and I enjoyed the flexibility of being able to switch days or hours so that I could still do things with him on my schedule. Sarah played a crucial part in our transition in to school as he would’ve been younger than his classmates and she provided a classroom atmosphere while still allowing him the freedom to prepare for an acutal classroom setting. All in all I am very pleased with his progress and look very forward to his scholastic career. I wouldn’t hesitat e to reach out to Sarah again for tutoring or education.
Courtney C
Kindergarten 21-22 Parent
Mrs. Sarah has worked with my children in both preparation for pre-k and kindergarten. She helped reinforce skills from pre-k as well as introduced concepts they would learn in the coming school year. Not only did Mrs. Sarah teach basic knowledge, but also taught my kids about the school day structure and the expectations they would face as students. Mrs. Sarah always updated me after a session about my kids progress and frequently sent detailed emails about how they were doing, things to work on, and ways to help.
Heather S.
Elementary School and Preschool Homeschool 20-22 Parent
Hiring Mrs. Sarah for homeschooling support and home schooling has yielded excellent results for our little PreK learner. Mrs. Sarah is professional, flexible, creative, and most importantly, one of the most patient and gentlest souls! I appreciate her help and support for us parents as well. My kids are growing and needing less academic assistance, but I likely will always use her for advice and guidance through homeschooling. We truly highly recommend her services.
Sarah L.U.
Preschool Homeschool 20-22 Parent
Mrs. Sarah, or Mary Poppins as I refer to her, has closed any learning gap during COVID. In fact our four year old is thriving and learning in a safe and loving environment. She is also wonderful with our spunky 18month old! While the pandemic isn’t ideal, her support has been a stabling force for the family!
Nicole S. H.
Preschool 2s and PK/K 20-21 Parent
Smarty School

Tutoring Reviews and Views

Some shots and words on how we tie interests to support what they're doing at school day to build tangible reinforcement connections.

Mrs. Sarah has been an amazing academic asset for both of our girls. Math, phonics, spelling, writing, she does it all. She has expertly transitioned my oldest from elementary to middle-school-level work. She even identified procrastination as a source of homework angst and crafted a lesson on executive function skills. Our family is thrilled with her results
Carrie P.
Elementary and Middle School Students 20-Current Parent
Mrs. Sarah has been a life saver! We first contacted her when we learned that our daughter couldn't read in the 2nd grade and was being very resistant to our help at home. Mrs. Sarah listened to our concerns and immediately began researching and educating herself on the concerns we were seeing. She accompanied us throughout the IEP evaluation process to identify our daughters unique learning disability. In the meantime, she continued to provide individualized learning strategies and activities that engaged our daughter in learning. We are now in our 2nd school year working with Mrs. Sarah. Our daughter loves her and, as parents, we are so appreciative to have her assisting and encouraging our daughter to learn!
Kristle F.
Elementary School Student 20-Current
Mrs. Sarah has been working with our daughter since November and the progress is phenomenal! She looks forward to her class every week and loves being with her teacher. Mrs. Sarah is innovative and always looking for new ways to make learning fun. We’re so happy we found her!!
Caroline S.
Kindergarten Readiness Student (Daughter) 20-21
Middle School Student - Current, not mentioned in this review
Sarah is a natural with young children! She cared for my 2.5 and 5 year old boys and was able to keep them both engaged and learning. They are super energetic so it’s not an easy task! I would highly recommend Sarah for any and all of your child [and education] related needs. The boys ask for her all the time!
Katy A.
Elementary School Student 20-Current
Sarah is such a light! When the pandemic hit, I didn't child in virtual schooling... I knew I needed another resource for parenting that wasn't me. I would get frustrated or just forget to do certain things. Sarah came in to save the day! She came once a week and would just be what I couldn't. Light hearted, fun, stress free teaching outside, science, math [it] was was just so nice to have her presence in my house. My daughter absolutely adores her. She really enjoyed the way Sarah would sing back answers or make science fun with nature. I know school will get tough as my daughter gets older and I'll definitely be calling her for further guidance!
Meg R. Preschool Tutoring Student 21-22
Sarah tutored our son right through his elementary school years with great success. She is knowledgeable and dependable. We would highly recommend Sarah’s services to any family looking for educational tutoring for their children.
Andrew B.
Elementary and Middle School Student 21-22 Parent
Mrs. Sarah has been teaching my son for a few months and I HIGHLY recommend. She focuses on what my son’s needs are and adjust his lessons specifically to his interests to keep him engaged. After this tutoring, I’m confident my son will be ready to begin 2nd grade and keep up with classmates.
Erin E.
Elementary School Student 21-22 Parent
Shout out to Mrs. Sarah at MSSSllc! I accepted the fact that I cannot do everything. I was having a hard time virtually teaching myself how to become a nurse while also being a preschool, math, science, language arts, social studies, and everything else teacher [for my four year old and 4th grader]. I had high hopes but it just wasn’t working for us right now. So I reached out asking for help and it was the best decision. Sarah comes to our house for a few hours a week and individually engages with Bradley and Finley through learning. [They went] exploring to inspire a paragraph for Bradley’s nature journal.
Ash A.
Elementary School 21 Parent
Mrs. Sarah has turned my High Schoolers grades and attitude toward learning around. My 9th grader had been struggling in every area and had given up. In a few short months he has turned his grades around and more importantly he has a positive, ” I can do it” attitude. Mrs. Sarah has been absolutely incredible in helping my son learn how to learn. I would strongly recommend her to anyone. She has turned my son’s grades and attitude towards learning completely around.
Trey E
High School Virtual and High School Student 20-22 Parent
Mrs. Sarah has been such a good tutor to me and has helped me improve a lot with my grades. She helps me with my math when I don’t understand something she explains it and makes sure I understand.
A. S.
Middle School Student 20-22
So appreciate Mrs. Simmons’s tutoring of my daugther. We started during Covid (2021 Spring) when she was 7th grade and really struggling with virtual learning. She was failing and we were happy to have Mrs. Simmons onboard. At that time she came to our house to tutor her and was so patient and they worked really well. Her grades improved significantly and she became so much more confident. We moved to TX and I decided to keep Mrs. Simmons onboard and making sure she is keeping up with school. This year (2021-2022) she has almost all A’s for this first semester and is much more confident to handle her new school. Cannot recommend her enough! Thank you!
Fatima S.
Middle School Student 20-22 Parent
Mrs. Sarah helped us with homework during the virtual year of COVID. It helped our lives go more smoothly and made the learning more fun. With or without a pandemic her support is an asset.
Sofia S.
Elementary School Student 20-21 Parent
Mrs. Sarah is extremely professional, well organized and safety conscious. She is always thinking of fun ways to enhance my daughter’s education and learning, as well and providing her own supplementary curriculum. Mrs. Sarah does a wonderful job of keeping my daughter engaged and focused – even with all the household distractions going on around her. I trust her with my child and her education, and highly recommend her!
Leslie S.
Elementary School Virtual Student 20-21
Super Duper Schoolers


Some shots and words about how the Dupers are proving it really is all about life long learning, not just schooling.

Sarah is an excellent childcare provider and extremely knowledgeable in her trade. I was considering a career in childcare and she was my first resource to go to when I had questions. I highly recommend her for anyone searching for a loving, enthusiastic and intelligent role model for their children!
Emily S.
Writing Coach, Herbalist, Hostel Manager
Sarah’s drive, compassion, and attention to detail puts her in a echelon of her own. She has superb skills working with children and students both preschool as well as school-age. Sarah was once my mentor and supervisor. I am now a certified educator for the school system and owe some of those skills and knowledge to Sarah! The way she designs her curriculum and personalizes it to match your little ones’ development will amaze you! If I had children of my own and needed to TRUST someone with my child’s growth both intellectually and personally, Sarah will always be my go to!
Kendall P.
Former Colleague
I have known Sarah for about 8 years now when she was the Director at Play Centers, Inc. She planned activities as well as interesting crafts for elementary age kids. She also encouraged the children to read and to use their imagination. She is able to think outside the box with education and has a magnetic personality. Sarah is dedicated to making learning fun. She is someone I have always looked up to.
Susan J.
Former Colleague and Support Staff Member
The best thing about Sarah Simmons is that she is good at what she does. She is hard working and does what she can to best accommodate to the child’s needs. Also, Sarah is understanding of children with different abilities.
Kathryn S.
Former Colleague and Support Staff Member
Sarah is excellent with the kiddos!! She is very knowledgeable in Elementary education!!
Kelsey S.
Former Colleague and
As a former employee of Mrs. Sarah, I can attest to her dedication to compassionate, driven, light hearted and skillful child care and education. She is endlessly creative in her lesson plans, inspiring curiosity and wonder in the children (as well as my own) learning process. I highly recommend working with Mrs. Sarah as her personal journey and devotion to our next generation of leaders is sure to inspire greatness.
Claire W
Former Colleague and Support Staff Member
Sarah is an expert who has worked with children for well over 13 years. She has been in a school setting (from before & after care) to all day care with children of all ages. She’s my go to when I have any sort of question in regards to what engaging activities I should be incorporating with the children I work with and what milestones they should be hitting. She’s personable, kind, educational, and overall an amazing human being that everyone should feel honored to have in their life. (Especially their children’s lives, too!) Don’t miss out on this sprightly spirit.
Katie H.
Former Colleague